About Us

Our Vision

We believe that a workplace should be a fun and happy place since we spend a minimum of 8-12 hours each day of our precious lives. We are committed to working with startups to help create a happy, safe and healthy work environment for it's employees and founders while maintaining a productive and high growth scenario.

Our Story

It started with the realisation that I have an entrepreneurial mindset. I always wanted to try something new, seek an adventure and take risks through the life and career in search of a new learning or experience.

My early career for a decade with Indian Army taught me several things around life, leadership lessons as well as basic startup resource management like working with almost no resources and racing against time under high risk environment.

Even while I worked with large corporates and MNCs, I always enjoyed projects which were either startup projects or tough spaces which others were hesitant to take a dive in.

Subsequently, I found my mojo in working with ambitious Indian startups over past six years. In the Indian startup eco system, I worked with successful ventures and saw many dreams transform to reality. I was spearheading people organisations and leading teams across the country for seamless integration into the founders vision and high growth .

Having worked for others dreams for a fairly long time, I decided it was time to finally take that plunge and follow my heart and build a business that helps young entrepreneurs learn from our experiences and collective wisdom of many seasoned entrepreneurs.

StartupPeopleConsulting is my dream. My aspiration to be able to support and build a productive eco system of startups, help create great workplaces, create more job opportunities and motivate more young people to take risk and realise their dreams instead of choosing a safe work life and regretting later.

The power behind the punch!


Vandana Sharma

Founder & CEO

Vandana wears multiple hats. She has won several women in leadership awards including Women icons Asia Pacific, BERG Singapore, 2017 and Women of Substance, SRL Diagnostics 2017. She is an ex-Indian army officer and a Kargil war veteran. She is a TEDx speaker and is passionately committed to building empowered organisations with diversity and culture at its core. She mentors many young women and men to follow their dreams as her personal mission to life.

She has over twenty one years of diverse experience working across Strategy, HR, Resource Management, General Management and Operations portfolios. She has acquired unique competencies owing to conscious selection of unconventional career options and personal pursuit of excellence based on continuous learning and growth.

Vandana has worked with IT, Infrastructure Giants, Retail, e-commerce and travel startups. She is an expert at accelerated learning and growth based customised manpower models, Organisation transformation, New Venture set up, Revival and Turnaround, Budgetary cost analysis, Post merger Integration, Project Implementations, Risk analysis, Designing and implementing innovative strategies, managing HR in Large, diverse and distributed environment with varied startups and dynamic organisations.

We would love to help you build a strong and happy startup